Human Sciences, PhD

Faculty: Humanities 

Starting date: September/February

Duration: 8 semesters

Language requirements: English language proficiency (TOEFL 590 /IELTS 7.5 /oral examination)

Academic requirements: Relevant Master degree

Tuition Fee: 6,500 USD/year
One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

Short description: 

The Doctoral School of Human Sciences involves altogether four disciplines, which makes it unique in Hungary: Philosophy, Education, Psychology and Sociology – the latter is not available at the moment for our international students. The aim of the program is to provide theoretical knowledge to its students about the knowledge-based society from a Human Studies respect. The students have the opportunity to attend courses related to all disciplines. The Philosophy program includes the following areas: Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness Studies, The Problem of the Self in Contemporary Philosophy of Mind and Phenomenology Philosophy of Language, Wittgenstein and Heidegger on Language, Introduction to Film Theory, Film as Philosophy Ancient philosophy, with a special focus on theology in the Hellenistic and the Roman period Modern Philosophy, Bioethics. The Education discipline provides research opportunities regarding: Teaching information literacy for primary or secondary school pupils, The impact of institutional factors in church-run schools, Service learning in higher education, Development of the problem solving during the studies.
While the Psychology are offers the following topics for research: Research on social psychology of decision making. Psychometric tests development for various fields of psychology. Research on psychology of language.

Contact: Szakályné Lantai Lilla;