Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty: Pharmacy 

Starting date: September/February

Duration: 8 semesters

Language requirements: Level B2 by CEFR

Academic requirements:  MSc degree in the field of biology, chemistry or Doctor of Medicine/Dentistry /Pharmacy degrees (such as pharmacist, biologist, molecular biologist, medical doctor, dentist, chemist); acceptance by a supervisor and a doctoral school (including a preliminary research proposal signed by the supervisor and the head of the school)

Tuition Fee: 16,900 USD/year
One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

Short description:
Doctoral School of Pharmacy ensures education and scientific research in two doctoral programs. The main research fields in pharmacology program are: pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical technology. PhD students in microbiology can join to research on virology, bacteriology or mycology. Owing to the good cooperation with clinics and the laboratory diagnostic task of the supervisors, not only theoretical, but also clinical research topics are available.

Contact: Dr. Eszter Csoma;