Visa and Residence Permit

When planning your trip to Hungary one important thing to start with is checking if you need a visa to enter the country and study here, or not.

Please check the information below and follow the provided links in order to be able to prepare for what is needed in your case!


List of countries that do not need a visa to enter Hungary can be checked here.


Applying for a visa

Visa supporting documents can only be issued by the University after the yearly tuition fee has been paid in its entirety and credited on the UD’s account. It is recommended to submit the Visa application as soon as having received the Letter of Acceptance due to the duration of the process.

The following documents are sent to the students by the University concerning the Visa application by express delivery:

  • Original Letter of Acceptance,
  • original signed and sealed Visa supporting letter in Hungarian issued by the University of Debrecen, addressed to the Embassy
  • and the draft version of the Health Insurance Contract.

In case you would like to have an extra supporting document to justify your financial background, you may opt for allocating money to a so-called blocked account to cover your living expenses.

In case of certain programs and applicants of certain countries, pre-allocation is compulsory, as specified in the Letter of Acceptance. 

Please read the Blocked account guidelines for details.


Students who are required to apply for a Visa entitling them to a residence permit, can only obtain this type of Visa (D-type) in their country of origin or at the Hungarian Embassy closest to their place of residence; it cannot be arranged in Hungary.

Students, or Representatives of the University are kindly asked to book an appointment for the Visa interview and ensure that the applicant submits all required documents in a timely manner.

Earliest appointment date: 90 days before entering Hungary

For more information, please, visit the website of the Hungarian Embassy in your country or closest to your place of residence.
List of Hungarian Embassies can be reached here.

In order to learn more information about how to obtain Residence Permit for the purpose of study, please visit the website of the Immigration Office!