Research news

University Research Centre for a Green Future
10. Mar. 2023
György Kossa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Foundation Gróf Tisza István for the University of Debrecen (GTIDEA), emphasized at Thursday's press conference that the findings and ...
NeurotechEU – Supporting Post-doctoral Researchers
24. Feb. 2023
As has already been reported, the University of Debrecen is a member of NeurotechEU, an international programme established by the leading universities of eight countries in 2020. The objective of ...
Delegates of Turku University Visit UD
01. Feb. 2023
The University of Debrecen joined CARPE (Consortium for Applied Research and Professional Education) in May 2015. The consortium consists of leading universities of Europe dealing with applied ...
Komondor Has Arrived at UD
13. Jan. 2023
It took two years to develop the 5-petaflop Komondor. After the testing phase, the supercomputer was put in service in the framework of a ceremony. This computer can help nearly all fields of ...
Faculty of Health Sciences Restructured
13. Jan. 2023
The Faculty was created a few months ago by integrating the Faculty of Public Health into the Faculty of Health. The Faculty offers a wide range of courses to those who are interested in healthcare ...
Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023!
21. Dec. 2022
In 2022, the PC published articles on UD research projects, UD’s international rankings, the recognition of Katalin Karikó’s great work and her donation, the humanitarian activity of the ...
Basic Research to Improve Asthma Treatment
08. Dec. 2022
In cooperation with other research teams of the Faculty of Medicine and with US-based partners, the Nuclear Hormone Receptor Research Laboratory of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular ...
Award for Molecular Medicine
06. Dec. 2022
The Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine was founded almost twenty years ago, in 2003. This recognition is routinely given to researchers or research groups whose work has significantly contributed ...
The Faculty of Informatics is ranked among the best of the international elite
01. Dec. 2022
The November conference of Microsoft at Warsaw’s Kozminski University was attended by institutions of higher education that have built a steady relationship with one of the world’s largest ...
Komondor, Hungary’s most powerful supercomputer, is awakening
24. Nov. 2022
Assembly of the supercomputer began in September, and testing began in October. The development software is currently being installed, and the system is expected to start operation in ...
International Biotechnology Forum at UD
10. Nov. 2022
The University of Debrecen is the only institution in Hungary that covers the whole spectrum of biotechnology in the fields of education and research. - UD offers courses in the areas of red (medical ...
Students of colleges for advanced studies have introduced themselves
09. Nov. 2022
"Some people think that the meaning of talent management primarily means the act of finding talents, but this is not true, since the genuine task is to both find the talent and develop it," said ...
Joint Efforts for the Efficient Treatment of Osteoarthritis
03. Nov. 2022
Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint disorders, which primarily affects the elderly. According to estimates, 10-15 percent of over-60s live with this condition, and one third of the ...
US Space Researchers Visit UD
19. Oct. 2022
Ambassador Pressman emphasized the importance of the R&D sector in his speech he gave on Tuesday. He pointed out that international partnership programmes and knowledge exchange in the field of R&D ...
A new theory developed by researchers in Debrecen
23. Sep. 2022
From the eastern part of Central Europe to the Russian Far East, patches and tracts of forests and grassy pastures have been alternating for thousands of years, forming a geographical belt that is ...
The role of the biological clock in cartilage formation
20. Sep. 2022
The researchers of the University of Debrecen published their article in Journal of Pineal Research (IF: 12), which is one of the most prestigious forums for research related to the biological ...
European Union policy recommendations for the development of public services
19. Sep. 2022
“It is inspiring for the University of Debrecen that the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) recognizes and listens to the institution’s specialists as experts in relation to the ...
Nobel-Laureate Researcher Evaluates UD
16. Sep. 2022
Comprised of 57 Hungarian and international experts, the Scientific and Social Advisory Body was established on 14 September to support the chairman of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the ...
Mongolian researchers at the Faculty of Science and Technology /TTK/ University of Debrecen
16. Sep. 2022
Biologists from Ulaanbaatar, Inner Asia, from the Institute of Biology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MgTA), are conducting evolutionary genetic research in a research group operating in the ...
TTTT inaugural session held
15. Sep. 2022
Fifty-seven Hungarian and foreign experts from different parts of the world joined the Scientific and Social Advisory Board, which was officially inaugurated on Wednesday in the venue called Aula of ...