Research news

Strengthening French relations
13. Nov. 2023
Twenty French students are currently  studying at the University of Debrecen, most in medicine. The French delegation was welcomed by the Vice-Rector for Education, Elek Bartha, who informed the ...
Debrecen medical student represents the university in Florida
13. Nov. 2023
Regő Benjámin Baráth was the only medical student speaker at the symposium, representing the University of Debrecen among senior researchers and physicians from renowned American universities at ...
Jubilee celebration of the foundation of the Austrian collection at DEENK
20. Oct. 2023
The Austrian library and DEENK have been operating in a special symbiosis for decades; the former being present as a kind of cultural hub in the University and National Library of the University of ...
NeurotechEU summit
09. Oct. 2023
The NeurotechEU Technology and Society Innovation Event in Bodrum brought together university researchers as well as representatives of institutions and companies in order to discuss the profound ...
UD Vice-Rector on FEPS Board
04. Oct. 2023
The FEPS brings together and coordinates the work of physiological societies in European countries and provides an opportunity for professional consultation, helping researchers from each society to ...
International Lecture Series on Military History
29. Sep. 2023
As a member of the Scientific and Social Advisory Board assisting the work of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the foundation maintaining our university, Professor Czaja arrived in Debrecen ...
THE Rankings: the University of Debrecen ranked four hundred places better than last time
27. Sep. 2023
The University of Debrecen is now ranked in the 601-800 tier, as the best Hungarian research university, in the latest global ranking by the renowned British ranking compiler Times Higher Education. ...
International-level pharmaceutical research at the University of Debrecen
28. Jul. 2023
The first results have been published of the research conducted by the Pharma Module Research Group at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Pharmacy (DE GYTK). The main aim of animal experiments on ...
Gap-Filling NeurotechEU Summer School at UD
18. Jul. 2023
Organized in the framework of the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program, the Summer School on Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation started last week with a 3-day online training program, and continues ...
Scientific Studies Produced at UD Appear in a Huge Database
18. Jul. 2023
The Debrecen University Press has reached an important milestone. The Press launched the E-notes model in 2014 ( The hybrid publishing ...
Hungarian satellite at work
04. Jul. 2023
After the successful launch of SpaceX's Falcon-9 rocket on June 12, the newest Hungarian pico-satellite for educational purposes entered orbit on June 23. After the correction of the trajectory data ...
Mathematical summit in Hajdúszoboszló
26. Jun. 2023
The Department of Analysis of the Mathematics Institute of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen organized the next professional conference of the Debrecen University ...
Success of Debrecen University’s researcher in Hackathon
23. Jun. 2023
Researchers and students were invited from European universities to the NeurotechEU Hackathon competition held at Karolinska Institutet in the capital of Sweden. The University of Debrecen sent a ...
Innovative methods in CAR T cell therapies
22. Jun. 2023
Guimarães (Portugal), 22 June 2023 – Partners in the international consortium CAR T-REX announce the awarding of a highly competitive EIC Pathfinder Open grant, following the positive evaluation ...
Open science to be transformed
15. Jun. 2023
At the online forum on Wednesday organized by the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK) and the Government Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ), experts ...
NeurotechEU: UD delegation visits Stockholm
13. Jun. 2023
At the Rectors meeting in Stockholm, which was hosted by the Karolinska Institutet, the results of the first phase of the NeurotechEU project were summarized and the most important goals for the ...
Results and future plans
31. May. 2023
At the meeting, the participants of the event reviewed the results of the cooperation between the educational institutions and the companies of the business service sector, evaluated the joint work ...
CARPE – partnership in scientific research
30. May. 2023
In 2015, The University joined the CARPE – Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education group in 2015. The organization was created by universities in which applied research plays a ...
Agricultural land experiments in international cooperation
26. May. 2023
During the program's comprehensive experiments, the researchers conduct DUS and/or VCU tests on 347 winter wheat and 254 durum wheat varieties at 15 locations in 5 agro-climatic zones. In addition to ...
Exchange of expertise in gerontology in Brussels
06. Apr. 2023
The working group deals with employment, participation and active social involvement, including lifelong learning and volunteering. The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen has ...