Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine

Faculty: Medicine 

Starting date: September/February

Duration: 8 semesters

Language requirements: Level B2 by CEFR

Academic requirements: MSc degree (biology, physics, chemistry, molecular biology or other relevant field) or Doctor of Medicine/Dentistry /Pharmacy degrees   acceptance by a supervisor and a doctoral school (including a preliminary research proposal signed by the supervisor and the head of the school)


Tuition Fee: 16,900 USD/year
One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

Short description:
The goal of the Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine (DSMM) is to prepare the next generation of leading researchers by providing a vibrant and productive research environment. The laboratory-based research together with lecture and practical courses, seminars, national and international conferences and access to modern technological platforms makes our Doctoral School one of the best in the country. The cornerstone of the doctoral experience is the research apprenticeship that all students undertake, under the guidance of their academic advisor. Students in the DSMM graduate program are provided with numerous opportunities to gain insight to clinical and translational aspects of disease. The programs of the doctoral school focus on the biophysical, biochemical and physiological aspects of cellular signaling pathways of excitable and non-excitable cells. The DSMM provides a variety of projects within three doctoral programs: "Molecular and cell biology of cellular signaling", "Membrane physical questions and methods" and "Physiology and neurobiology".

Contact: Dr. Gyorgy Vamosi;, website: