Entrance Examination/Interview

Admission requirements - medical and health science programs


An entrance examination is compulsory for students applying to the following programs:

  • Basic Medicine Course
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

The entrance exam consists of two parts:

  • a written test (comprised of multiple-choice questions, definitions, calculations, etc.) in Biology (compulsory for all) and Chemistry or Physics (the applicant's choice). Each written test takes 50 minutes.
  • an oral exam in Biology and Physics or Chemistry

Possible results of the exam: 

  • admitted (to first year)
  • admitted to Basic Medicine Course (preparatory program)
  • rejected
  • in certain cases the exam committee can offer acceptance to a different study program.


The overall exam performance is taken into consideration and the scores of different parts of the exam are for internal use only and not to be communicated to the applicants. 


An entrance interview is compulsory in case of the following programs:

  • BSc in Physiotherapy
  • BSc in Public Health
  • BSc Nurse
  • BSc Dietetics
  • MSc in Public Health
  • MSc in Molecular Biology
  • MSc in Complex Rehabilitation
  • MSc in Health Social Work
  • MA Social Work and Social Economy


Transfer students
As part of the oral interview the committee tests the English communicational skills and the motivation of the applicant. The language of the entrance examination and interview is English.


Entrance exam dates for medical programs (download in pdf)


For further information about the exact venue, starting time and fees please contact the hosting representatives

The UD reserves the right to cancel the exam in case of insufficient number of applicants.


For Stipendium Hungaricum / SCY / Diaspora scholarship applicants:

If you are a scholarship applicant and not interested in self-financed studies then please do not refer to this list below as these are mostly fee-paying exam dates.

There will be dedicated scholarship exam days, so your exam/interview date will be sent to you by email with all details (please check your spam box too!). These exams can be expected in April-May 2022 and we try to inform you about your exam date two-weeks in advance.


Venue Date Representative organizing the exam
Hungary, Debrecen (online) 5 October 2021  
  14 October 2021  
  21 October 2021  
Canada, Toronto 26 November 2021 Diamond Medical Education Agency Inc.
  22 December 2021  
  28 January 2022  
Ghana, Accra 12 November 2021 Elyon Education Consult Ltd.
Iran, Tehran (online exam) 8 November 2021 Mr. Abbas Roozbahani
Israel, Tel-Aviv to be confirmed 2021 Advisory Services for Education Overseas
  to be confirmed 2022  
Nigeria, Abuja to be confirmed   DAD Group Consultants
Nigeria, Lagos to be confirmed   GEC Academy International Ltd.
Nigeria, Lagos to be confirmed   Global Education Counselling Ltd.
Qatar, Doha to be confirmed   Pericia Group L. L. C. 
Reykjavik, Iceland to be confirmed   Dr. Omer Hazza Mahmoud Hamad
Taipei, Taiwan 3 December 2021 Kaohsiung Education Ind. International
Thailand, Bangkok to be confirmed   MedCoach Institute
Turkey, Istambul  to be confirmed   Meda Macaristan Ve Yurt Disi Egitim Danismanligi
UAE, Dubai  28 January 2022 Eduscope International FZ LLC 
UAE, Dubai  22 April 2022 Eduscope International FZ LLC 
UAE, Dubai  27 May 2022 Eduscope International FZ LLC 
UAE, Dubai 22 January 2022 Qadri International Education Consultancy 
UAE, Dubai 23 April 2022 Qadri International Education Consultancy 
UAE, Dubai 28 May 2022 Qadri International Education Consultancy 
United Kingdom to be confirmed   Mr. Sandor Bone
  to be confirmed   Medical Doorway
Vietnam, HCMC 16 November 2021 Vietnam Centre Point Education & Media Group



updated: 2 November 2021


Admission requirements - non-medical programs


For the non-medical programs of the University of Debrecen, the entrance exam is English and professional subjects dependent on the candidate's program.
In exceptional cases, applicants with outstanding grades of previous studies may be accepted for the first year directly. Students, whose examination results or grades of previous studies are not good enough to start the first year of a BSc program directly, may be admitted to the Foundation Programs.


Entrance examination dates for non-medical BSc programs


23rd September, 2021

14th October, 2021

4th November, 2021

25th November, 2021

Applicants with a University Degree


In case of applicants with a bachelor/master degree, the University examines the possibility of admission with full or partial exemption from the entrance examination on the basis of the certificates and/or other documents submitted. In such cases, an obligatory interview is still conducted prior to registration.