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"Community and social services have always been part of me. It is my way of life back home. But the opportunity given by the University of Debrecen didn’t just boost my passion, but it made me see the bigger challenges that the real world is facing right now. It requires collaborative action from all sectors of society.

Different modes of exposure such as European Union conferences, Research Programs, joint degree program participated by 7 European Universities sending us their finest professors and the Intercultural Project Management Program outside Hungary attended by students from different member states of the EU are only some of the opportunities that will be valued for a lifetime.

Indeed, there will always be something new and bigger to learn. There are further works to accomplish outside our comfort zone. Our profession may be turned into a passion or passion into a profession and, the University of Debrecen can provide us with the most needed knowledge and skills to prepare us for a bigger role outside the Institution.

So, if you want to find out how much more you can do and the extent of success you can achieve, then be a part of the University of Debrecen. We can banner the pride of our own country by sharing our services beyond borders."



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Faculty: Health Sciences  Program: Social Work and Social Economics, MA


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