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Loans and scholarships

How do students apply for financial aid?



Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 

Global Study Awards

How do students apply for academic scholarships of UD?

Medical students:
From the second spent year in the University (BMC year excluded), excellent students may apply for a scholarship that may reach 20% of the tuition fee.

The Registrar’s Office will automatically forward the results of the students who achieved a stipend index of 4.50 or higher in the previous semester to the Committee. There is no need for the students to submit any application for the tuition fee reduction. It is the student’s responsibility to check the grade average of his/her closed semester before the registration period.

Non-medical students:
From the 2nd year of their full degree studies onwards, registered full time students who achieved a 4.0 grade average or higher in each of the previous consecutive 2 semesters may submit an application fortuition fee reduction. Please note that the 'SCHOLARSHIP INDEX' will be taken into consideration to calculate the results of grade average.

Up to 20% tuition fee reduction can be granted for a given semester to a maximum of 20% of eligible students in each semester. International Foundation Year and PhD students are not entitled to a reduced tuition fee.



It depends on the regulations stipulated by your home country whether you can apply for federal loan while studying abroad. We have collected the most common state loans that our students using currently. Foreign students are not eligible to apply for the Hungarian student aid.

US Direct Loan
Canadian loans
Swedish loans – CSN
Norwegian loans – Lanekassen
Icelandic loans – LIN