Being safe in the Library

The University and National Library of UD awaits visitors with an upgraded environment and technical background, although with certain restrictions due to the pandemic.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, all employees and visitors must wear a mask in the library. Disinfection gel is available at the entrances, as well as tissues to disinfect computers, copy machines etc.

- We have restricted the number of visitors at the customer service counters, and try to make administration paperless and contactless – Györgyi Karácsony told The director of the library pointed out that people can enrol, extend deadlines, and ask for documents without personal contact, through the IT system. Now visitors can even book in advance online.

- We have installed reception points at the main building and at the Kassai úti Campus Library, where members can return books borrowed from any of our units – added the director.

– In the spring, we had to modify our services within a short period of time, but by maintaining our basic functions. We made improvements that, besides being necessary due to the pandemic, are actually real and actual developments, and now we can use these new solutions – explained Györgyi Karácsony.

Visitors can still request information through writing to the email address. Between March and June, the load on this email address was multiplied with over 2,500 requests, so the library had to reorganize its human resources.

The library has been open for visitors since the end of June. However, the present situation has made it necessary to introduce new measures. In this regard, more information is available at

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