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Billions For Research

The University of Debrecen will receive HUF 6.25 billion from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund in the framework of the Thematic Excellence Programme 2020. Of the HUF 43.9 billion provided to 27 Hungarian science institutions, UD will receive the biggest amount.

The purpose of the Thematic Excellence Programme is to help universities and research institutions develop innovative products, technologies and services that are also economically viable; to improve the framework of research activities and programmes in Hungary; to boost research, development and innovation; to increase the number of young researchers; and to facilitate cooperation between the institutions.

This year’s programme continues what was started with the Higher Education Institutional Excellence Programme 2018-2019 and the Thematic Excellence Programme 2019. Accordingly, only those institutions and thematic research projects can participate in the programme announced for 2020 that were supported in any of the programmes in 2018 or 2019.

The Thematic Excellence Programme 2020 has two sub-programmes. In the Institutional Excellence Sub-Programme, the thematic programmes of universities are based on previous programmes that were supported by the Higher Education Institutional Excellence Programme 2019, in the framework of the institutional development plan. The thematic programmes that were supported in 2019 are supposed to be continued with the above objectives in mind. UD will receive HUF 2.25 billion for a year for research projects in the fields of therapy, biotechnology, energetics, water and big data.

In the National Challenges Sub-Programme, thematic programmes are linked to any of the four areas defined as priorities in the Thematic Excellence Programme: safe society and environment; health; industry and digitalisation; culture and family. UD will receive HUF 2 billion per year for the next two years for projects in the fields of the automotive industry, space research, and insulin resistance.

The Thematic Excellence Programme 2020 will be launched on 1 September; the first round will end on 30 November.

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