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DEENK reopens its doors to visitors

On Monday, life has restarted in the University ad National Library, (DEENK), University of Debrecen. The library spaces can be visited again and services have also returned to what they were before the restrictions due to the corona virus.

Visitors can return to the libraries of the University of Debrecen. The reading rooms offer opportunities for research, studying documents, and studying. Now that the restrictions associated with the state of emergency have been lifted, DEENK can again fulfil all its previous usual duties.

In connection with the retuned books, Lóránd Petró, deputy-director and PR coordinator, told the quarantine-related rules have been abolished, but, out of precaution, the staff will continue to handle books wearing gloves. 

In line with national health guidelines, visitors to the libraries are also recommended to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers and keep a social distance of 1.5 m between them on the entire territory of all libraries.

However, the Library of Arts and Sciences in the Main Building of UD has restarted its lending services in a limited form. In this format, requests for books are placed on line; the librarians gather the books and do the administrative work in advance. Visitors can collect the books prepared by the librarians at the counter in the library hall between 9.00 and 17.30.

The Library in the Main Building continues to ensure space for university staff and Ph D students to do research but the open- shelf documents continue to be accessed upon a store request form even when they are used on the premises. DEENK staff transport the requested documents that they have prepared to the designated research location. For more detailed information about the process of borrowing and reopening please go to

Press Office