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Chinese Research Partner at the Faculty of Science and Technology

During the 4-day visit of the delegation of the University of Donghua and in connection with the Chinese initiative ’One Belt, one Road’, the Faculty of Science and Technology of the UD have signed a cooperation agreement with two faculties of the Shanghai-based university.

The Faculty of Science and Technology of UD and two faculties of the Shanghai-based University of Donghua, the College of Materials Science and Engineering and the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, agreed to cooperate in the future in the fields of research and publication, as well as student, teacher and researcher mobility.

The agreement was signed in the conference room of the faculty on Tuesday by Dean Ferenc Kun, and on behalf of the two faculties of the Chinese university Dean Meifang Zhu and Vice Dean Chiangyan Shi, who had initiated the whole project. The ceremony was preceded by a 5-hour workshop on Monday, where the Chinese guests were informed about the educational and research activities of the faculty and the projects that the research teams were working on.

- Such international agreements play an important part in the operation of the faculty.  Besides the fact that one quarter of our students are from abroad, our lecturers and researchers have extensive international relationships, which is well reflected by the number of international projects and the related publications. We hope that this latest agreement will further improve the already well-established professional relationship between the two institutions – commented Dean Ferenc Kun on signing the cooperation agreement to

The visit took place as a result of nearly ten years of cooperation between the Institute of Chemistry of the faculty and the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology of the University of Donghua, which was renewed in the framework of the GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00008 programme. Members of the Chinese delegation, led by professor Meifang Zhu, included the vice dean and two professors of the faculty, as well as a representative of the Office of International Affairs of the University of Donghua.

The University of Donghua has participated in the initiative entitled ’One Belt, one Road’, launched by the People’s Republic of China, since 2019. Hungary and, as the first Hungarian university, UD also joined the programme. At the meeting the Chinese party expressed hope that the two universities would sign an official agreement in the near future in the framework of the programme.

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