Local BMW plant holds the first practical training course for automotive vehicle engineering student 02. May. 2024

Over the span of 4 weeks, as many as 33 students of the BSc in Automotive Vehicle Engineering at the University of Debrecen's Faculty of Engineering (DE MK) took part in a total of 16 hours of practical training in the course of Vehicle Manufacturing II at BMW's recently inaugurated Training Center in Debrecen.
“In line with the training program of the German car manufacturer, our students acquired metalworking and automotive skills. Among other areas of interest, they learned about electronics, 3D printing and automation,” said Sándor Bodzás, Deputy Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at DE MK, in response to a question from

Associate Professor Bodzás, who is one of two faculty members in charge of this specialization, added that several changes and modifications had been introduced to the automotive vehicle engineering program to satisfy the specific needs of individual companies.
“For example, larger emphasis will be placed in the future on industrial production line simulations, 3D CAD design and 3D printing technologies. Vehicle engineering students will have a larger number of classes than before in the Vehicle Manufacturing Lab, where they will be able to practice programming machines used in the automotive industry,” said István Erdei Timotei, teaching assistant at DE MK’s Department of Vehicles Engineering.
The TA explained that the instructors and lecturers at the Department of Vehicles Engineering are also intent on continuously expanding their knowledge by obtaining additional certificates and participating in corporate training courses. Recent experience at the Faculty of Engineering indicates that, since BMW announced that it would build its latest automotive plant in Debrecen, the interest in the automotive vehicle engineering program offered by DE MK has increased dramatically.

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