SET’s success with BMW 25. Mar. 2024

The strategic relationship between SET and the BMW plant, which is being built on 400 hectares in the Northwest Economic Belt, is not new at all, as the company has been providing its employees with health screening at the ultra-modern health complex of the University of Debrecen's Nagyerdei Stadium since 2019.

The German automotive company, which is scheduled to start production in 2025, recently opened a health center with a floor area of several hundred square meters. This so-called Health Center houses SET's 120-square-meter physiotherapy and physiotherapeutic center, which was designed and will be operated by Sports Diagnostics Center following a tender process.

Commenting on this important milestone, Tamás Dékán, SET's Managing Director, said that major companies such as BMW believe that the care that elite athletes receive to help them recover as quickly as possible should also be available to the employees of these companies.

“This means that the physiotherapy and physical therapy center of the BMW plant will provide healthcare for the factory's workers using our equipment and the services provided by our specialists. We are strategic partners now who think together with the automotive company in terms of disease prevention and health programs," said Tamás Dékán.

Managing Director Dékán also underlined that the experts at the Center for Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle and Therapy believe that the knowledge and experience accumulated in the field of sports care can be effectively used in the life of companies and corporations as well.

An outstanding example of this thinking, and a huge success for SET, is the fact that BMW has entrusted the health of its employees to them in the fields of physiotherapy and physical therapy. Thanks to the Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle and Therapy Center, BMW employees will be able to benefit from professional care.

Press Centre - PKZs