Lecture delivered by our Rector at AtomExpo 27. Mar. 2024

In his presentation, the Rector said that the University of Debrecen is the largest higher education institution in Hungary and has numerous industrial connections.

“The so-called 'four-helix' innovation system around the University of Debrecen is based on four pillars: local industry and the university are joined by local government authorities and financial institutions. This unique system in Debrecen can demonstrate its unique results, such as the fact that we are the only Hungarian university with an industrial park and a production plant,” said Zoltán Szilvássy, who then he spoke about the excellent partnership between our institution and the company BMW, which is reflected in education, innovation, production and human resources. He also mentioned the recent agreements signed with Chinese partners in the battery industry.

Rector Szilvássy also drew attention to the importance of the health industry, which dominates the university's activities in the areas of services, research and manufacturing. At the same time, he highlighted that there is also cooperation between our institution and various companies in the fields of food production, agriculture, biotechnology and genomics.

He also underlined the significance of the cooperation between the University of Debrecen and Rosatom, highlighting its role in the development of isotope diagnostics and radiotherapy.

“Therefore, our university is not only involved in cooperation with different branches of industry, but it is also part of an international network of huge companies. The various agreements signed are extremely decisive and, thanks to them, we are not only a university, but also a central player in several industrial clusters," said Zoltán Szilvássy.

Among others, Valery Karezin, a representative of Rosatom at the conference, spoke on nuclear education, stressing the importance of cooperation between industry and universities. He also discussed academic-industry cooperation in geology and mining, the synergy between science and business as a prerequisite for the success of national strategic development, and the impact of cooperation on the marketplace.

Press Centre - KSzD