DE's new partner is a global Chinese company 22. Mar. 2024

At the signing of the cooperation agreement, Rector Zoltán Szilvássy stressed the importance of Chinese partnerships in the international relations of the University of Debrecen.

- When I came to Debrecen 25 years ago, the first partner with whom we signed an agreement was a Chinese institution, Heilongjiang University, on the methodology and products of traditional Chinese medicine. Since then, we have established contacts with more than 400 Chinese institutions, universities, provinces and major companies such as China Construction Development. We are honoured that another major Chinese company is now joining the university's cooperation scheme," said Zoltán Szilvássy.

Rector Szilvássy recalled that the university was the first Hungarian higher education institution to join the One Belt, One Road programme and expressed his pleasure at the recent establishment of the Green One Belt, One Road programme in China, which focuses on battery production, green production and storage of electric energy.

- The content of our cooperation agreement includes human resources training and research and development in cooperation with the university, but in addition to all this, it is an outstanding aspect for us that the University of Debrecen can join global economic development programmes through your companies and Chinese companies like yours, which are at the forefront of green energy production and use," Zoltán Szilvássy stressed.
To prove his point, the Rector pointed out that Chinese companies produce and store more electricity than the next ten countries in the world combined.

Eve Power Hungary Kft. was represented by Anson Chen, CEO, who recalled the initial steps of establishing contact.
- I first came to Hungary in 2019. We were deeply impressed by the economic processes here, the openness of the people and the extremely intensive university research activities. I met a large number of talented people on my first visit to the University of Debrecen," said Anson Chen.

The CEO attaches particular importance to supporting students.
- It is very important for us to have so many talented young people because the industry that we represent, lithium battery manufacturing, requires continuous and effective research and developmenta ctivities. Our production units in China and Malaysia are in close contact with local educational institutions and universities, both to provide scholarships for students and to involve them in research projects. We hope that these links can be established with the University of Debrecen, too, but I am also confident that our cooperation will extend to embrace joint chemical and technical research," he added.
Signing the document, Anson Chen said he believes that supporting education is an investment in the future, in the next generation.

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