UD Vice-Rector on FEPS Board 04. Oct. 2023

The FEPS brings together and coordinates the work of physiological societies in European countries and provides an opportunity for professional consultation, helping researchers from each society to learn about the activities and achievements of all research communities, not just their own national ones, but those of all European nations. 

- In addition, an important duty of ours is to represent the European research community in a unified way on various professional issues - whether scientific policy or simple, everyday professional issues - and to express our opinion(s) on draft legislation at national or EU level," László Csernoch told

- Involving the younger generation in research is a priority area in terms of training young professionals, as is the exchange of teaching experience, learning about each other's teaching methods and the education of the non-scientific community, i.e. organizing programs, showing the lay public what is meant by physiology, what the professionals in the field are working on, because physiology is the subject that, together with anatomy, lays the foundations for medicine, because to be able to say that someone is ill, you have to know one thing for sure: what it is like when they are healthy, so that it is clear where to arrive in the course of treatment," the Vice-Rector for Science at the University of Debrecen (DE) said, emphasizing the special role of the discipline. 

Professor Csernoch has been working at the Institute of Physiology at UD and its predecessor, the University of Debrecen since 1 February 1985, and has been a member of the Hungarian Society of Physiology (MÉT) since 1988, where he has held several positions over the past decades: first as a member, then as a member of the board, as a notary, as secretary general, and as president between 2014 and 2018.

Since 2015, he has been involved in the leadership of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, initially as a member of The Board of the General Assembly and currently as Head of the Commission on Movement.

- Over all these years I have worked in various positions in the BSE bodies, I have become familiar with the professional work of the FEPS, but I was still surprised by the invitation, which was finally decided at the organization’s regular meeting in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, between 14 and 16 September. It is both recognition of my work and a professional challenge, so it is an honor to be considered and I was happy to accept the challenge," said the FEPS board member. 

- The staff of the University, including the Institute of Physiology, but I could even argue that the "physiologists" of the field in Hungary can benefit from all this, since six people make up the board of the Federation of Physiological Societies in Europe, and if the board includes a Hungarian, a scholar from Debrecen, then it becomes obvious to everyone that work is being done in Hungary and at the University of Debrecen that is worthy of recognition - concluded László Csernoch.

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