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Preparatory course for music theory, general music studies, choir conducting

Faculty: Music

Starting date: September

Duration: 10 months

Language requirements: The objective of this preparatory course is to prepare foreign students for the requirements of entry tests to Hungarian institutions of music of higher education. Besides systematizing their already acquired music knowledge and experience, they can improve their musical skills and theoretical knowledge. Thus, they can get apt to follow studies in higher education.

Period of training: 2 semesters, 2 times 15 weeks (September–December and January-April)


Theory of music (2 lessons/week)

  • harmony and formal studies of baroque and Viennese classical music,
  • theoretical and practical training for auditive perception of harmonic phenomena,
  • playing characteristic chord successions on piano, complex analysis of baroque and Viennese classical movements, improvement of stylistic knowledge

Musicianship (2 lessons/week)

a comprehensive subject for improving musical skills, including vocal development of aural, writing, reading, rhythmical, memory and transposition skills of music, practising concentration and self-adaptation for playing music

Music repertoire (2 lessons/week)

an overall view of the history and styles of European music, obtaining further knowledge about genres through studying representative works of music of different stylistic eras.

Folk music (1 lesson/week)

studying treasures of folk songs (European, own national and Hungarian), improving analyzing techiques of folk music, obtaining further knowledge about ethno-musicology, getting an overall view of the history of Hungarian and international folk music research processes

Choir conducting (2 lessons/week)

obtaining and improving basic conducting skills, conducting and coaching choral works, obtaining further knowledge of choral repertoire

Piano (1 lesson/week)

natural instrumental techniques, improving technical amd musical skills through studying works from different eras of piano repertoire, improving sight-reading, playing piano accompaniment

Individual voice training (1 lesson/week)

improving singing techniques, intonation and performing skills, clear and understandable articulation of lyrics, improving typical stylistic formation

Optional subjects:

choir, string, wind or percussion instruments, chamber music, chamber singing, history of music education, composition, continuo playing, improvisation, contemporary music practice, Hungarian language

Conditions of application: certificate of secondary school final exams, aptitude entry test

Tuition fee: 6000 USD / 2 semester

Additional costs:

  • Registration fee: 50 USD
  • Fee for entry test: 450 USD
  • Seat reservation: 1000 USD

Maximum number of admitted students: 10