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Off-Site Training Programs Offered in Kisvárda
28. Oct. 2015
The University of Debrecen is planning to launch undergraduate and graduate training programs at the community higher education center to be established in the city of Kisvárda.   “The ...
Transplantation a’la Hollandaise
19. Oct. 2015
The head of the Transplantation Center at Leiden University has held a theoretical and practical course for the surgeons of Debrecen’s Department of Transplantation.   Invited by ...
Plant Ingredients for Health
16. Oct. 2015
Experts from the University of Debrecen are involved in research in the fields of health industry-based agricultural innovation and xenohormesis.   - In today’s world the surest thing is ...
Water Management in China
14. Oct. 2015
Potential solutions for the problems of water pollution in China are researched at the University of Debrecen by a visiting professor from the Cantonese Sun-Yat Sen University.   Wang Ya arrived ...
Together against stress and ageing
10. Oct. 2015
Researchers from Debrecen and Szeged are taking up the fight against stress and ageing-related diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and diabetes.   Supported by the European Union ...
A Debrecen Research Centre in Mád
16. Jul. 2015
A cooperation agreement dealing with research and education was signed between the University of Debrecen and the town council of Mád. Tokaj wines will be the subject of the research.   - It is ...
The University’s Garbage Truck is a Marketable Product
11. Jul. 2015
The garbage collection truck developed by the University of Debrecen, which since last September has been operating in Békéscsaba, has arrived back at its “birthplace” for annual ...
The Queen of Mathematics
08. Jul. 2015
World-renowned mathematicians will participate in two international academic conferences hosted between July 6th and 11th by the University of Debrecen.   - It is a great honour for Debrecen ...
Titanium foam and self-healing polymers
30. Jun. 2015
Researchers at the University of Debrecen have developed so-called smart materials which can be used in the aerospace industry, in medicine and in the textile industry.   - The "Intelligent ...
New Solutions for Energy Use
30. Jun. 2015
Over the last two years the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Engineering has developed new processes of energy-efficient management for public and office buildings.   Thanks to a grant ...
Organic Chestnuts Here and in China
24. Jun. 2015
Debrecen University and Beijing Agricultural University researchers have been examining the physiological effects of Chinese and European sweet chestnuts for several years.   In recent years, ...
In the Service of Research and Development
20. Jun. 2015
An international standard Translation (Protein Synthesis) Research Centre was opened at the Debrecen University Clinical Centre on Friday. {CIMLAP} - In 2007 Scanomed Ltd. installed the first PET -CT ...
Working Together for Safe Foods
17. Jun. 2015
With the support of an EU grant, four Hungarian higher education institutions have developed teaching materials and created a foodstuffs research centre under the leadership of Debrecen ...
World-class agriculture programme at the university
05. Jun. 2015
A success area: the University of Debrecen is among the top 200 institutions in the fields of agriculture and forestry. Interview with István Komlósi, dean.   Each year in the past ten years, ...
The latest developments in GIS
29. May. 2015
The most important developments and research results of the discipline were presented at the 6th Hungarian GIS Conference held at the University of Debrecen.   “The reform of electronic ...
Cultural heritage in the digital era
29. May. 2015
The University of Debrecen and the University of Jyväskylä jointly organised a conference in Debrecen on 28-29 May.   The sister institutions organised a two-day conference on the appearance ...
Knowledge is a competitive advantage
27. May. 2015
The details of the “Knowledge Park” project, aiming at the more efficient utilisation of the knowledge base of the University of Debrecen, were presented on Wednesday at the Hajdú-Bihar ...
Laying the foundation stone for sport sciences
21. May. 2015
In early November the Sport Sciences Educational Centre will be complete. The foundation stone was laid on Wednesday at the University’s József Dóczy Sports Field. - This sports initiative ...
Joining Forces for Sport Sciences
12. May. 2015
The University of Debrecen and the University of Physical Sciences will also cooperate in a joint research programme for the prevention of sudden cardiac death.   “Athletes differ from ...
Unity of body, soul and mind
09. May. 2015
Ayurveda does not compete with modern medicine, they cooperate in searching therapies for incurable diseases.   - There is the phrase in English when blind men “watch” the elephant. ...