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Exploring Antiquity in Debrecen
26. May. 2016
The largest three-day conference in the nation on the study of antiquity was kicked off at the end of May in as many as nine different sections at the University of Debrecen.   The conference ...
Major Publication on Protein Research
24. May. 2016
An article written by Mónika Fuxreiter, a researcher at the University of Debrecen, has been published recently in Cell, the most prestigious American journal on biochemistry.   Mónika ...
Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related Injuries
21. May. 2016
“Physiotherapists also play an important part in scheduling and designing practice sessions for athletes,” was a general conclusion voiced at the 7th Professional Day of Physiotherapy ...
Every Single Second Counts
14. May. 2016
“Time is the most important factor in the case of strokes and cardiac arrests because saving time might mean saving brain or cardiac muscle cells,” was one of the conclusions reached at ...
“Working out” to strengthen sports sciences
11. May. 2016
A degree programme in physical education, a sports diagnostic therapy centre, as well as a fitness centre – these are some of the most important professional plans in the fields of sports at ...
A Revolutionary Medical Program from Debrecen
18. Apr. 2016
Microsoft’s national innovational competition has been won by an application designed by university students from Debrecen, created to facilitate the proper preparation of medical students for ...
The training of "dental engineers"
12. Apr. 2016
The dentistry programme at the University of Debrecen, celebrating this year its fortieth anniversary, has come a long ways: even smiles can now be designed with the use of digital ...
Aid for Understanding the Past
12. Mar. 2016
Among other interesting topics, you can learn about the most recent findings concerning the history of the noble class in Transylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries in the recently published studies ...
The modernization of agriculture
04. Mar. 2016
Siberian guest speakers introduced students at the Kerpely Kálmán Specialist College to their most up-to-date, world-renowned research into the economy.   V. V. Kuleshov, professor at the ...
Mushrooms help understand ageing
02. Mar. 2016
Both basic research programmes and industry can use the new findings which researchers at the University of Debrecen have published in Scientific Reports.   Experts at the University of Debrecen ...
Gender, Translocality, and the City
01. Mar. 2016
Focusing on post-1945 literature and visual culture, an international conference is held at the Institute of English and American Studies of the University of Debrecen on February 26th and ...
New therapies for heart patients
29. Feb. 2016
Life expectancy at birth has increased by more than two years in our country, thanks to developments in cardiology treatments.   - According to the most conservative statistics, more than half a ...
Presentation by Debrecen Students at CERN
15. Feb. 2016
An instrument of their own design was presented by electronics engineering students from the University of Debrecen on February 12 at the event called NI Big Physics Summit.   The presentation ...
New Method in Biodiversity Research
11. Feb. 2016
Researchers at the university have tested a terrestrial ecological theory in aquatic communities for examining the relationships between biomass and diversity.   “Changes in species ...
State-of-the-Art Laboratory Inaugurated
05. Feb. 2016
Students of the University of Debrecen will have to opportunity to use state-of-the art equipment and appliances in the future in what is called Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory.   The equipment ...
A New Theory of Ageing
02. Feb. 2016
The lifespan and ageing of animals was one of the topics discussed at the international conference held at the university in January about the notion of the evolution of physiological control ...
The New Fish Species is a Family Success, too
19. Jan. 2016
The new species of barbel discovered by the Department of Hydrobiology Research at the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Science has been named Barbus biharicus, i.e. the Bihar ...
Foam which binds bones too
06. Jan. 2016
Metal foam has potential for use in both the automotive and medical industry, and its properties are also the subject of research at the Faculty of Engineering.   At the University of ...
Discussing Pharmaceutical Research in Debrecen
04. Dec. 2015
Every second clinical pharmacology trials in Hungary are conducted at the University of Debrecen. So far this year, 144 trials have been started here. {CIMLAP} “Debrecen is home each year, for ...
Focus on Migration and Population Shifts
26. Nov. 2015
Experts discussed the current challenges of migration at a conference held on 26 November at the University of Debrecen.   The labour market situation, the flows of refugees over the past ...