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Modern Biotechnology in Sheep Farming
15. Feb. 2017
The biotechnology program currently running at the University of Debrecen will generate genetically top-quality sheep. There will be animals of state-of-the-art genetic composition bred here, a ...
Hand Instruments Donated To Assist the Program in Medicine
14. Feb. 2017
Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt. [Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd.] regularly offers free state-of-the-art medical instruments to aid the program of first-year students of medicine and dentistry at the ...
Launching a Course on Ayurveda Studies
10. Feb. 2017
The current visiting professor from India at the Department of Ayurveda in Debrecen is to offer an introductory course on the primary reasons for diseases, traditional phytotherapy, and a generally ...
Growing international relations
03. Feb. 2017
During his recent visit to Hungary, Sierd Cloetingh, the president of Academia Europaea, who had also been elected an honorary member of the Hungary Academy of Sciences (MTA), discussed possible ...
Progress in Exploring Gene Regulation
18. Jan. 2017
A discovery of key importance has been made by researchers of the UD during the course of investigating gene regulators that are responsible for various types of cancer among other things. Their ...
1956 As Seen from Canada
27. Oct. 2016
After a Canadian tour with his new book on 1956, Endre Farkas, Hungarian-born Canadian writer also came to read from his works at the University of Debrecen. Endre Farkas was born in Hajdúnánás, ...
Challenges for Public Health in Hungary
31. Aug. 2016
“A new nationwide program for public health is in the making,” announced the Surgeon General at the Faculty of Public Health of the University of Debrecen.   Surgeon General Tamás ...
University Program for Saving Endangered Species
19. Aug. 2016
The University of Debrecen is to launch a five-year research project in cooperation with the breeders to save the black mangalica species.   The size of mangalica breeding livestock has grown ...
Agricultural Knowledge Transfer That Works
19. Aug. 2016
The academic work at Karcag Research Institute of the University of Debrecen, which can be well utilized in practice, has been awarded a special prize at the opening event of Farmer ...
The Modernisation of the Teaching of Diagnostics
09. Aug. 2016
The testing of a globally successful medical diagnostic application may start at the University of Debrecen this autumn.   The team of developers of the InSimu application, consisting of youth ...
Saving Rare Crow Species
28. Jul. 2016
The University of Debrecen has recently established new contacts overseas the first step of which was a presentation delivered by a junior instructor from our institution at the Australian national ...
Debrecen’s Electromobile Has “Passed the Exam” with Flying Colors
07. Jul. 2016
Constructors of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen have gathered useful experience and would like to enter the London-based Shell Eco-marathon competition again next ...
New Procedure Introduced at the Clinical Center
01. Jul. 2016
The first allogeneic bone marrow transplantation has been successfully conducted at the Department of Hematology of the University of Debrecen.   BMT procedures of this kind have been a routine ...
Debrecen’s Electromobile To Run in London
23. Jun. 2016
The electricity driven automobile constructed at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen will also enter the international contest Shell Eco-marathon this year.   The members of ...
“Keyhole Surgery” at the University
23. Jun. 2016
A special neuro-endoscopic procedure was presented to an international workshop on Wednesday by László Bognár, the Director of the Department of Neurosurgery.   Neurosurgeons from Australia, ...
A New Knowledge Center at the Faculty of Informatics
16. Jun. 2016
Researchers of BME (Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem) [Budapest University of Technology and Economics] and the University of Debrecen cooperate in finding solutions to the challenges inherent in smart ...
The Garbage Truck of the Future
08. Jun. 2016
The serial production of a new, electric garbage truck based on an invention created at the University of Debrecen is ready to start.   This unique electric garbage truck operates with an ...
At the Forefront of Romani Studies
01. Jun. 2016
The key to better integrating Romas in society is not through aids, but through the improvement of education and employment opportunities – this was one of the conclusions of a conference held ...
Modern technology at the Orthopaedic Clinic
31. May. 2016
The new, electronic patient bed used at the Orthepaedic Clinic of the University of Debrecen will make the lives of recently operated patients easier.   “The main advantage of this bed, in ...
New technologies in GIS
27. May. 2016
From e-government to smart cities, the latest technologies of geographical information systems (GIS) were presented at a two-day conference held at the University of ...