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Admissions: second place nationally
28. Jul. 2016
A total of 6,278 students were admitted to the University of Debrecen this year, which is the second largest number nationwide. The most popular academic area, once again, was medical and health ...
Mission for Classical Music
26. Jul. 2016
Pieces by Kodály, Liszt and Brahms were performed by Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra at the closing gala concert of Young Musicians’ International Summer Academy. {CIMLAP}  It was ...
The Opening of the Summer Course of DSS (with a video clip)
19. Jul. 2016
Almost a total of 150 participants from as many as thirty-six different countries will have arrived in Debrecen by the end of July to take part in the current summer course of DSS (Debrecen Summer ...
A Professor from Debrecen in AE
14. Jul. 2016
Academician Kálmán Győry, a professor of the University of Debrecen, has been elected a member of Academia Europaea (AE), an organization comprising scholars and scientists from Europe. ...
Debrecen-Nagyvárad Innovation Axis
13. Jul. 2016
Professionals and experts from the universities in Debrecen and Oradea, Romania have held a workshop in Debrecen to survey the potential areas of future cooperation.    There are four major ...
Moving Forward on the International List
12. Jul. 2016
The University of Debrecen has moved up several spots in the most recent world-list published in 2016 by Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).   The CWUR list, which ranks the best one ...
Support for Young Scholars
10. Jul. 2016
One hundred and seventy young researchers, including 19 affiliated with the University of Debrecen, are going to be recipients of János Bolyai Research Grant of the Hungarian Academy of ...
Awards to Our Professors
05. Jul. 2016
Professors of the University of Debrecen Dénes Páll and János Kappelmayer were given awards on the occasion of Semmelweis Day in recognition of their work.   An award presenting ceremony was ...
The Most Recent Connections with China
29. Jun. 2016
The University of Debrecen and Shandong Agricultural University are planning to launch student and faculty exchange projects as well as cooperation in the field of research.   According to ...
Thoracic Surgery at a European Level of Excellence
21. Jun. 2016
The Department of Thoracic Surgery of the University of Debrecen, which was granted European accreditation for the first time among Hungarian institutions in 2012, has again become the recipient of ...
Still Among the Best
15. Jun. 2016
The University of Debrecen has managed to keep its favorable position of last year’s ranking in the most recent list published by Quacquarelli Symonds about emerging European and Central Asian ...
Graduations to start!
13. Jun. 2016
In the next few weeks, some 3,600 students will receive their diplomas at the University of Debrecen. A live stream broadcast of the graduation ceremonies will be available on   From ...
“Doctorem te recipio …”
06. Jun. 2016
More than one hundred doctoral candidates received their certificates and diplomas at the awarding ceremony held over the weekend at the University of Debrecen, where several special prizes and ...
Expanding relations with Nigeria
01. Jun. 2016
A delegation from Ahmadu Bello University visited the University of Debrecen and negotiated on the expansion of relations between the two institutions.   The seven-member delegation, led by ...
Interest from Overseas
25. May. 2016
The Vice Chancellor of Louisiana State University (US) is planning an exchange of best practices and even the implementation of joint research projects with the staff of the University of ...
Classrooms for Generation Z at the University
25. May. 2016
The latest sign of the info-communicational conquest in education is that the first two “smart classrooms” have been inaugurated recently in Affiliated School of the University of ...
Expanding Connections with Israel
14. May. 2016
In unison with the city of Debrecen, the University of Debrecen also had a chance to deliver a presentation about itself at the Hungarian Days held in Tel-Aviv, Israel, between May 6 and 7, ...
New academicians at the university
03. May. 2016
The Hungarian Academy of Sciences elected three professors of the University of Debrecen to be members at the 187th annual session of its general assembly.   The general assembly of the ...
German Connection
29. Apr. 2016
The Goethe Institute located in Budapest would prefer to have even closer connections than the already impressive ones it has built over the years with the University of Debrecen,” said the ...
Learning languages in an international environment
29. Apr. 2016
In addition to Hungarian as a foreign language, participants can also learn other languages for the first time this summer at the courses organized by the Debrecen Summer School. {CIMLAP}  The ...