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  • Titanium foam and self-healing polymers

    Researchers at the University of Debrecen have developed so-called smart materials which can be used in the aerospace industry, in medicine and in the textile industry.
    - The "Intelligent functional materials: mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, optical properties and their applications" project, which  involved cooperation between the University of Debrecen, the MTA Institute of Nuclear Research Institute (ATOMKI), and the Bay Zoltán Applied Research Nonprofit Ltd. company, has produced six patent applications and about 80 prestigious publications - announced Sándor Kéki professional director of the University of Debrecen’s Department of Applied Chemistry and key figure in the project at the closing ceremony’s press conference on Monday.
    Titanium foam and self-healing polymers 
    The head of the department explained that intelligent materials refers to materials that in response to external stimuli give a pre-programmed response, such as changing their shape or consistency.
    The HUF 800 million project saw new results achieved as a result of cooperation between various research groups - Polymer and Periodic Systems, Modern Functional Materials, Structural Materials, Optoelectronics, Nanofilms and Nanoparticles, and Medico-biological Materials Science. Eight MTA doctors, 43 young researchers and 38 invited experts from abroad participated in the research.
    Gyöngyvér Bíró Lenkeyné, director of the Bay Zoltán Institute for Applied Research Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Kft., said that the institute deals primarily with developing both applied research and basic research designed to serve as a basis for industrial development, and had already worked together with Debrecen University.
    - At the same time, we participated in the examination of the dynamic fracturing of structural materials, as well as in the work of the biomedical research group, and as a result developed patentable technologies - explained Gyöngyvér Bíró Lenkeyné.
    At the press conference, Béla Sulik, the deputy director of the Institute for Nuclear Research emphasized that ATOMKI assisted three research groups’ activities with accelerator equipment.
    - Our experts have carried out serious work in the development of medical and dental implants. These materials have already passed the test phase and are now in the medical trials phase - explained Béla Sulik.
    Ákos Pintér, dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Debrecen University, made a speech at the beginning of the project’s closing ceremony declaring that the project could be considered a success, and was an appropriate preparation for the next project dealing with the industrial application of current research findings.
    Press Office
    Further pictures of the event can be found in the photoalbum.

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