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Campus Fesztivál: New Features To Be Introduced to Egyetem Tér

Right now, the University of Debrecen is in a state of busy preparation for the Campus Fesztivál, complete with a new location and a crowd of first-timers. This year, there will be a variety of new stands installed for the attention of those with a thirst also for academic knowledge at Egyetem Tér.





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“Campus Fesztivál has become an organic part of the cultural life of the city of Debrecen. Although it does not yet have a prestige that would equal that of virágkarnevál [verbatim: flower carnival], the other emblematic summer event of our city, we hope that it has a bright future,” said Festival Director Péter Miklósvölgyi at the Thursday press conference of the largest music festival held on this side of the river Danube.

Vice-Mayor Lajos Barcsa not only agreed with that opinion but he also emphasized that this festival has developed into an element of strategic importance in Debrecen, which has been recognized by several companies with plants and offices in our city.

“One of the chief promoters of the event, the recently arrived German industrial corporation Continental, takes its share of not only generating new jobs but also of corporate social responsibility, as it has decided to support this salient event, which clearly demonstrates that its management has long-term plans in Debrecen,” said Lajos Barcsa. The Vice-Mayor added: the event will highlight Debrecen’s bid submitted for the 2023 title of European Capital of Culture. At the tent of EKF Debrecen 2023 Programiroda, the organization responsible for the coordination of the bid efforts, everyone can contribute to the application by sharing their views and opinions on the possibilities.

Through recalling the short history of the festival up to the present, Chancellor Zoltán Bács underlined that the basic concept from the very beginning had been for the city and the university to join forces in hosting the event.

“This strategy works indeed, since Campus is now ranked at the same level as other major and nationally acclaimed festivals, which proves to be positive feedback on the success of our cooperation. The most recent novelty is that, this year, the company Continental which is to establish its new manufacturing plant in Debrecen, has offered to support the event as its chief patron. The university is also involved in a series of coordinating meetings with the representatives of the German company concerning how and what should be built so that Continental could operate a successful business venture here. We tend to trust one another more and more as time goes by, and we plan to develop academic and research fields that are already significant and successful in order to make them even more profitable,” said Zoltán Bács.

Regarding the location of the site of the University of Debrecen at the festival, the Chancellor said that there would be a new spot for Egyetem Tér as of this summer.

“Egyetem Tér will be situated close to the new entrance and the grand stage, which is the most popular part of the festival site during daytime. This time, there are going to be 16 wooden bungalows housing rep teams from as many as 30 university units, who are all looking forward to present themselves to the audience. The three newly added stands will be featuring Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar [Faculty of Law], Gyógyszerésztudományi Kar [Faculty of Pharmacy], and Egyetemi Kórház [University Hospital named after Gyula Kenézy],” said Zoltán Bács. He also expressed his hope that more and more young people attending Campus Fesztivál and checking out Egyetem Tér would make up their minds about becoming students of the University of Debrecen at some later stage.

Lukas Juranek, Managing Director of the future Debrecen Plant of Continental Automotive Hungary Kft., said that Campus Fesztivál would represent a wonderful chance for the company to become part and parcel of the local community.

“We do wish to come out of the confines of the plant, so that the citizens of Debrecen could get a chance to learn about the overall philosophy and mission of  Continental, because we know that our company cannot be successful without them,” said Lukas Juranek, who also appraised the joint work implemented by his company and Debreceni Egyetem.

Perhaps, the most important change about Campus Fesztivál in 2018 is going to be the relocation of the main entrance. As of this summer, you will be able to access the festival site next to Ködszínház [verbatim: Fog Theater], and also notice that the size of the grand stage arena in the back has been extended. There are going to be several charitable initiatives introduced at the event this year. At the official opening on Thursday, called Dreamnight, you can help the dreams of disadvantaged children come true through purcha