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International recognition for chemists

Two young research chemists from the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Debrecen have been honoured in Florence at the 2018 Conference of the International Symposium on Metal Complexes. Norbert Lihi was awarded the Fernando Pulidori Prize while Gizella Csire won a prize for her poster.

The Fernando Pulidori- prize is awarded every year by the academic committee of the International Symposium on Metal Complexes to an under-thirty scholar who has done oustandig work in the field of coordination chemistry and is a first or correspondence author of a publication accepted in an international journal.

This  year it was Norbert Lihi , assistant research fellow of the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Debrecen, who received the prize in recognition of his work in the study of transition metal complexes of cystein-containg peptides modelling metal ion binding sites in biological systems as well as for his publication (as first and corresponding author) „ Unusual binding modes in the copper(II) and palladium(II) complexes of peptides containing both histidyl and cysteinyl residues”.

The Fernando Pulidori Prize was awarded at the Conference  „International Symposium on Metal Complexes 2018” organised in Florence  on June 3-7 . The scientific work of another professional of the Institue was also acknowledged there.

Gizella Csire, assistant lecturer at the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry  won one of three prizes given for best poster for her „Competition of transition metal ions between the trihistidyl and N-terminal histamine binding sites in HAVAHHH-NH2 peptide”.

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