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Students' furniture is being restored

The one-year project, in the framework of which students' furniture in the main building of the University of Debrecen is being renewed, is about halfway through the work. The university allocated 14 million HUF for the work.

The refurbishment of the nearly 300 pieces of 50-year old furniture, 100 tables and 200 benches, started in October 2017.

- It was high time  the pseudo-archaic, eclectic oak pieces were restored  as  no complete maintenance or restoration have been done to them, as since they were "put into service" in the 60's e, and their current condition is not suitable  for the main building, which is a listed building – explained Attila Törös, head of the Department of Services and Investment of the Services Directorate to

The restoration requires mainly handwork, with a demand of 40-50 working hours per piece.

- When the pieces arrive at the workshop, first we have to completely disassemble them. Then we polish each panel and ornament, and make repairs, if necessary. After that comes polishing, staining, followed by a lacquer layer applied on the surfaces. After the parts have dried, we assemble the pieces – explained Ferenc Kovács, joiner.

About 50 sets out of the 100 have already been completely restored and delivered to the main building.  Work is scheduled to finish at the end of summer. Refurbishing will soon continue in the main building with the painting of corridors and public areas.

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